In a group of four students, we made an installation for the Balwant Sheth School of Architecture Exhibition. The design was selected and used in the library for a year. Following the theme of the exhibition - Inspirational Nature, we studied a sea cucumber. The organism was selected from various other organisms studied, and the team was most excited for the research on a sea cucumber's behavior to it's predators through the use of it's skin. 

Executed for BSSA Library, 2012

MY ROLE | Concept Generation, Prototyping, Execution and Final drawings

TIME | 4 weeks

A sea cucumber expands and contracts it's hexagonal cells to tackle it's predator. This mechanism was copied in the concept to create a mesh. Four hexagons from these were converted to tables( for reading) and chairs. These were looked at ergonomically as well as the space available in the library. The final design has two meshes overlapped and standing with the table and chair support. The final design was executed in wood.